Our school’s International Exchange Center makes exchanges, teachers and students the foundation of international art education. This has a broadening effect on both international arts education in the university and on exchanges with the foreign universities and institutions. Currently, we have signed academic and cultural exchange agreements with 56 universities, and each year teachers and students go abroad for long or short-term exchange programs. In recent years, we have been actively recruiting foreign students to study at our university. Our goal is to increase the number of opportunities for local students to interact with foreign students, and to broaden their worldviews. We look forward to our university becoming a truly international university of the arts.
School admission information for foreign students, overseas students, overseas Taiwanese students, and overseas Chinese students.
Due globalization and government incentives that promote international education, our students have increasing opportunities and channels to study abroad. During the school term, in addition to participating in international exchange student programs, students may also apply for various scholarships that are tailored to their needs and circumstances.
As part of a drive to internationalize academic programs, our domestic and international exchanges have become our university’s focus of development. From the founding of our university, we have continued to produce a large number of talented artists, and have accumulated a rich and excellent arts foundation. This focus on international cultural exchange is a special feature of our university, and aptly illustrates how art can be used to enhance international academic exchange, and strengthen the university and its future development.